Architecture, Sociologically Considered

According to Émile Durkheim the »first and fundamental rule« of sociological thought is to »consider social facts as things«. Rather what happens, if we flip this perspective and see things as social facts?  Continue reading …


We are the City!

The book »Wir sind die Stadt!« is based on an ethnographic community study inspired by the research methodology of the Chicago School. As a member of the art projects niko.31 and general panel  I observed the spatial practices of artists, independent book publishers, radio activists, designers, architects as well as people operating »off-spaces« or music clubs in the city of Leipzig.  Continue reading…


Stadium Worlds

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is played in a great variety of places, such as the street, the yard, the lawn, the pitch – and the stadium. While most of these places are a »football space« only as long as it is played there, the stadium is a building that »embodies« football beyond its immediate performance.  Continue reading…


Leipzig Protest Atlas

»As soon as you apply geographical, economic or demographic detail to a map you become political, because you necessarily make a choice,« writes the cartographer Philippe Rekacewicz. The Leipzig Protest Atlas documents the spatial and time-related dimensions of local protest actions.  Continue reading…


Orbit Palace

As an artistic contribution to the exhibition Shrinking Cities (2004), Orbit Palace examines the complex structure of urban spaces under the aspect of redundant time. »Orbit« is a search word for those locations that signify a breach with the past and whose future appears similarly vague: derelict buildings, fallow land, abandoned infrastructures, ruins, and new cityscapes.  Continue reading…


Nosing Around Visually